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Our Strategic Partners and Associates

Strategic Partners

Kina Advisory

Kina Advisory, a socio-economic advisory firm with offices in the UK and Ghana, is a trusted advisor to companies operating on the African continent on integrating sustainability practices into core business strategies and operations.

Given the clear alignment between InteStrat’s and Kina Advisory’s passion for Africa and the transformative role businesses can play in positively shaping the futures of countries and impacted communities on the continent, the two entities have formed a strategic partnership to provide streamlined services to clients in areas of sustainability consultancy and capacity building.

Wataalamu Oil Consultancy Ltd

Wataalamu Oil Consultancy Ltd works with upstream oil and gas ventures to ensure the effective, fair, and sustainable development of the upstream oil and gas industry in the Greater East Africa Region. Wataalamu Oil Consultancy Ltd is a Kenyan company with its headquarters in Nairobi.

Wataalamu Oil Consultancy Ltd has experienced the critical importance of the non-technical considerations to the success of oil and gas projects. The common vision of ensuring effective, fair and sustainable developments has led to a close association between InteStrat and Wataalamu Oil Consultancy.

EnPath Energy Consulting

EnPath Energy Consulting provides bespoke strategies to companies, organisations and institutions seeking to navigate and successfully move forward in achieving Net Zero Emissions. The team facilitate a beneficial dialog between all parties and provide a comprehensive plan, with the goal of equipping clients to thrive and succeed in a transitioning world.

EnPath Energy Consulting and InteStrat together can offer a complete package of services to help clients successfully move towards achieving Net Zero Emissions whilst managing the broader socio-economic factors.

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