Risk Management

We help clients put in place fit-for purpose and value-adding risk management processes

InteStrat assists clients to identify, assess and manage risks that could impact their organisations’ key value drivers including but not limited to health, safety and environment; financial; operational, legal; and reputational. As part of this process, we do not only focus on risks but also opportunities available. 

We work with clients to integrate risk management into the organisation’s governance and management processes in a pragmatic way, considering the particular needs, capabilities and resources of the organisation.

The InteStrat team assists clients to ensure risk mitigation actions identified are practical and implementable and that the agreed risk management processes become live tools and are value adding, with the impact of these processes being demonstrated and measured.

Depending on the specific needs of the clients, the work on risk management can range from Principal/Enterprise risks (managed at Board, Leadership level), Corporate Risks (managed at management level) to Business Delivery risks (managed by the rest of the organisation).

Where requested, assurance programmes as part of the organisation’s governance structure, can also be designed to assist clients to obtain independent and objective verification of the effectiveness of their risk management plan and business performance.

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