Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

We assist clients to meet their compliance requirements and enable them to turn ESG management into value-adding drivers for their business

In today’s business environment, ESG accounts for the biggest emerging risk. This however, can be an underlying opportunity. InteStrat works with clients to turn ESG from a demanding compliance requirement to a key value driver. The services offered range from Board Level/Senior Executive engagement, corporate to operational aspects including design, implementation and issue management, covering:

Building ESG awareness and leadership for Board of Directors and Senior Executives through masterclasses and specific consultancy on strategy and policy matters. This includes the key aspects of the services lines of strategy, risk management, performance management and change management specifically with respect to ESG matters.

Working with organisations to fully understand and connect with its external operating environment in designing its strategies, priorities and plans as well as its key decision-making processes on investments.

Specifically tailored to a client’s specific circumstances and priorities.  This service line includes advice and assistance on:

  • Environmental stewardship and solutions in areas of climate change, bio-diversity and resource management.
  • Social Performance: Managing an organisation’ social and socio-economic impacts and behaviours in the communities and societies where they operate including human rights, conflict management, diversity & inclusion, health & safety and community impacts.
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Communication: Strategies, assessments and plans including assisting the organisation to establish fit-for-purpose teams and build capacity to engage and communicate appropriately with its stakeholders.
  • Local Content & Capacity Building: Strategies, assessments and plans for optimising on Local Content and Capacity Building as either part of social licence to operate and/or to meet legislative requirements.
  • Shared Prosperity and Social Investments: Strategies, assessments and implementation plans for shared prosperity and social investments projects that are aligned to the community and business objectives.
  • Delivery of key project enablers such as shared infrastructure, land, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Community Development Agreements (CDAs).
  • Governance: The policies and procedures that determine how the organisation is governed to support meeting the ESG requirements.

ESG service line also incorporates the aspects of the other InteStrat services lines i.e. Strategy, Risk Management, Business Performance and Change Management.


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