Change Management

We assist clients to manage their change process successfully

Effective change management is a well-thought out and planned organizational-wide effort to increase individual and organizational effectiveness and is based primarily on behavioral science knowledge.

The InteStrat team works with clients to ensure any value- adding changes required to the organisation’s strategy, ways of workings or activities are first identified then effectively implemented with the buy-in of the organisation’s key internal and/or external stakeholders – particularly staff –  and with lasting benefits.

In addition to managing the actual change process, the team works with the organisation’s senior executives and wider organisation to ensure:

The right skills and capabilities are available in the organisation and are aligned to clear common goals and able to manage the key business processes and activities.
The organisation’s structure and ways of working are focused on value creation and value protection – with clear roles, responsibilities and mandate; effective communication and decision-making processes; and, fit-for-purposes business standards and procedures implemented.
The change is effectively implemented and integrated across the core activities of the organisation – vertically from Board/leadership to the operational level and horizontally across all business disciplines, irrespective of whether technical, non-technical or commercial.

InteStrat can also assist clients to optimise value by changing the way the organisation is incorporating key external environment factors in the design of its strategies, priorities and plans as well as in its decision-making process.


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